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  • Filmmaking
  • Photography
  • Animation
  • Design
  • Painting


Vatroslav Divić was born in Split in Croatia. As a child he started to show huge interest in visual arts. From a young age, he believed that you can create anything if you free your imagination.

He graduated from the High School of Fine Arts, majoring in painting design. His paintings are recognizable by their relief textures and a dark mood in which he turns real objects into interesting abstractions. 
In search of a different creative expression, he completed courses in graphic design and web design.

Later, he was attracted by photography and cinematography
He graduated from TV Academy – College of Multimedia and Communication, a private higher education institution in Split, where he mostly studied animation techniques. He has directed, recorded and edited several music videos for several musicians in Croatia, giving them a special artistic touch instead of widespread commercial expression.

Anything can inspire him to take the camera, paper or brush to create, from mundane things in his immediate surroundings to personal and contemporary issues.

Learning traditional art skills has left a huge mark in his present-day artistic expression and helped him to individualize his own work which is mostly based on details, geometry and minimalism. His visual art works, which are created using photo manipulation techniques such as color grading, reflection, double exposure and others have an amusing cinematic look.

Throughout his life, he has been interchanging the lines between commercial jobs and artistic personal projects.